Bethany House Tragedy

Sarita being beatenAn intruder broke in last night and killed one of the children. The parents of the murdered child and their village blamed Masih das and Sarita and in typical Hindu way took vengeance out on Masih das and Sarita and mobbed Bethany House in retaliation, badly beating Masih das and Sarita and trashing that lovely place, a real outpost of heaven in a pagan stronghold. The rioting by over 1000 people went on for over five hours until police gained control. Continue reading

Those who have nothing

We have just come back from visiting north India to encourage our partners, Masih das and Sarita, who have worked as pioneer missionaries for 15 years in the tribal area amongst the ‘untouchables’, where monkeys, elephants, trees, rocks, bones, idols are worshipped and hold the people in fear and poverty. The Sabar, one of the tribes they are reaching, is said to be one of India’s most primitive and backward peoples. They live in the forest areas in small huts made of sticks and leaves. They do not own land, have enough food to eat or send their children to school. Continue reading

To give a future and a hope

Charlotte Simon (and her daughter and two other women) – climbed the highest mountain in England and Wales, Mount Snowdon on Saturday to help raise funds for some children in DR Congo to go to school. This was no mean feat . At 3560 feet, Snowdon was used by Edmund Hillary in training for his 1953 ascent of Mount Everest.! Unfortunately on the way down Charlotte slipped 

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