Longing for more at Pentecost

Light match

His first 40 Days were spent fasting, preparing HIMSELF for the battle ahead.

His final 40 Days were spent feasting. Beach barbecues with his men. Lunch with them, dinner with them. Chatting, engaging, preparing THEM for the battle ahead, to convince beyond doubt He was alive. He had physically risen. He was no apparition. No ghost. Continue reading


Print‘What’s going on here, explain yourselves?’’ We’ve never seen anything like this before, people on fire for God, you must be drunk!’

That was the first reaction when people saw what had happened to the 120 disciples of Jesus, who’d stuck it out for seven weeks and had waited and waited and waited for the promised release of the Holy Spirit from heaven. It seemed a long time coming. Jesus had stressed to them to not leave the city, not to go anywhere, not to do anything, but just to wait, until they got it.

I don’t know how they managed to hold themselves back. They had got the Holy Spirit inside them when he had Continue reading