Jesus wants His church back

Jesus wants his church backWe were asked to visit a church yesterday and meet with their leaders to help them review what was going on and plot the way ahead. I asked them to describe their recent journey with God.

Last Summer a few of them had felt something was wrong. People were voting with their feet and empty seats were appearing. They had lost their joy; church had become hard work. They were worshipping God on Sundays through gritted teeth, going through the motions, no sense of God being in the house.

Their pastor had been the first to voice it publicly. Continue reading



Try Walton on the Naze for some of the best fish and chips anywhere, especially Tollgate Fisheries. They change the oil every day, use local potatoes, the best fish they can get from a variety of suppliers, and cook fresh to order. The batter is thin and crispy, not greasy, and the chips are golden and not soggy.  Delicious!

But the chips always lack one thing there; the one thing they need to make them zing on the tastebuds, to do justice to all the care taken in cooking them, to make them complete, perfect.

Salt. Continue reading