He Still Moves Stones!

He still moves stonesI was sharing at our last ‘open house’ on Saturday  the different  ‘joy busters’ that have been rolled across our path over the last 10 months.

There was the stone of a delayed operation, then the stone of discouragement with the reappearance of prostate cancer, then the stone of bereavement  on retirement and of leaving the job and church family I loved so much, then the stone of disappointment of not being able to do the Foreign Missions pastor’s job I was so looking forward to, then the stone of the debilitating effects of six month cancer treatment, and now the stone of the destabilising effect of moving from our home of 34 years. I also face the demands of conducting my father’s funeral on Thursday. So you can imagine my delight when Steve Rouse, the preacher at the Easter service this morning, began Continue reading

Ladder Holders LATEST NEWS!

Les in Sarita's jumperMy course of radiation which started in January finished on Friday; some emotional goodbyes with staff and fellow cancer sufferers. They say I will continue ‘cooking’ for the next two weeks like food coming out of a micro wave oven continues cooking long after the ping has gone!  I certainly didn’t feel well enough to go out for a promised celebration meal this weekend as I was looking forward to doing.

  • I have my last hormone implant this week which will be effective for the next month, then, as its effect and that of the radiation slowly fade, I should start to feel ‘normal’ again and recover strength. So glad we were given a few extra days before moving as there is no way I could’ve faced it right now; my body feels totally zonked out! Continue reading