Bending - good heart exerciseGoing to the hospital for my daily zapping I stood behind a smartly dressed, distinguished looking African guy on the up escalator listening to music through his ear phones, when suddenly he started singing out at the top of his voice. It was stunning.

Everyone looked round. where was this fabulous singing coming from? And he was oblivious. He was obviously just singing along to what he was listening to and forgot where he was!

His song was the Beatles, ‘Help!’ which has a falsetto part ‘ and he hit it perfectly. ‘Won’t you please, please help me, help meeee!’ I was knocked out.Everyone was smiling.

We reached the top of the escalator and he went on his way still singing, while I went my way humming and smiling. His Continue reading


Streams in the desertIts been quite a roller coaster week. On Tuesday I was feeling like a trussed up supermarket chicken ready to be put in the oven, only the doctors were going to put me inside a huge scanning machine. The hum of the motors increased and the bed slowly moved forwards … and then I heard the whine of the motors start to slow down and I was being ejected. They told me my body was not hydrated enough to undergo the long radio therapy course, that I needed to go home and drink, drink, drink and come back next week when they’d try again. My marker was 180 hydration, it needed to be 250.

I protested. ‘But you can’t push the programme back a week. I’ve got to move out of my house before Easter, and this will take me over the time I’ve got left’. Continue reading