Piercing the Christmas darkness

Peace dove 2Love Christmas , but hate the way its been hi jacked by commercialism?

Feel powerless to do anything about the darkness that engulfs the real reason for the season?

Can I introduce you to a way to be a shining SILENT WITNESS this Christmas? You’ll love it and be excited by its simplicity and proven effectiveness! Let me share with you how I stumbled on this inspiring idea which came out of the night my son was attacked a few years ago on Halloween night and we had a tangle with the ‘powers and principalities’ that was eye opening.

My oldest son was walking home to his wife and two young children after work, talking to me on his mobile.He was telling me how he felt; he had just been released from hospital after being diagnosed with life threatening Type A diabetes. Suddenly he started calling out, ‘Help me dad, help me – I’m being attacked’ and then the phone went dead. Continue reading