molo street kidsSonia returned to Kenya last month for a 5 week stay with the Molo ‘Street Children”s project she and Chris started ten years ago to see how things are going.

She returns to the UK on the 2oth December. Read her latest update on the project here

MSCP Newsletter December 2012

Molo Street Orphans

When Sonia and her husband Chris went to work in the rift valley area of Kenya 10 years ago as teachers and house parents in a Christian secondary school, God used them in ways they never thought possible. After settling in to life in rural Kenya, Sonia found her heart strings being tugged Continue reading


Les & Ann picI don’t know about you but I feel very insecure going up a ladder unless I know there is someone holding it at the bottom for me!

We were feeling a bit insecure and disheartened when discovering my cancer had reappeared just as we were looking forward to retirement, so we asked a few friends if they’d help steady our ladder for us at as we started this climb. The response was amazing, Continue reading