‘I want my church back’

Bigger_King_finalI woke up this morning with the Palm Sunday blues!  I get them every year at this time, because of what I see Jesus doing on Palm Sunday. It’s so dramatic and challenges my comfy Christian lifestyle to its limits

Jesus riding, into Jerusalem on a donkey, went into the Temple and caused havoc! He drove out those who’d hi jacked the one place in the city that was supposed to be ‘God focused’ turning it instead into a religious money making institution. He knew that God’s longing was for Continue reading

Les Miserables

candleI’m really missing being a pastor, especially at Christmas.

I was in a church recently that is planting out three new churches this Christmas around the theme ‘Les Miserables’. Their vision made my mouth water.
Chatting with the pastor he said something powerful: ‘We’re not trying to grow a church, we’re trying to bless London, and when you bless London then God grows His church’.

That remark Continue reading