Try Walton on the Naze for some of the best fish and chips anywhere, especially Tollgate Fisheries. They change the oil every day, use local potatoes, the best fish they can get from a variety of suppliers, and cook fresh to order. The batter is thin and crispy, not greasy, and the chips are golden and not soggy.  Delicious!

But the chips always lack one thing there; the one thing they need to make them zing on the tastebuds, to do justice to all the care taken in cooking them, to make them complete, perfect.

Salt. Continue reading

‘How Great Thou Art’ and its Ukraine and Walton links

how-great-thou-art-550x320I was thrilled to discover recently that the writer of the world renowned hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’ lived nearby here in Walton. The story of how it came to be written has the touch of God all over it!

Stuart Hine who died 25 years ago was inspired to write his hymn in the late 1920’s and early ’30’s, when he was traveling through Ukraine with his wife Mercy doing missionary work. He heard a hymn based on a Swedish poem ‘O Store Gud’ being sung in Russian, learned it and started re-writing some of the verses and writing new ones as events inspired him. Continue reading

The Man Upstairs Came Downstairs

the man upstairs came downstairs...SO WE WOULD NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN THE BASEMENT

Living in the basement was how it seemed to us at first when we moved in April to the Essex coast, even though we live on the second floor of our block of flats with the most wonderful views over water from both the front and back balconies. After being in the thick of the action for God in London with a bunch of on fire brothers and sisters, it was suddenly …nothing! Ouch. And it hurt.

The early part of the year had been so painful – two months of daily hospital visits for radiotherapy treatment for the cancer, (now gone, thank God), my dad dying, packing up our home after 34 years, saying goodbye to so many neighbours and friends in the church. On the day we moved Continue reading